“The only pain that can not be shared is the pain of a broken heart.”

Just read these lines today… but let me tell you the only pain that you can share is this pain only….
Bcz as long as you keep this pain hidden the more it will hurt you. The more it will be difficult for you to be just yourself bcz as soon as this pain start changing you you will completely be diff person and believe it or not mostly it goes the negative way.
It hurt to tell about your pain it hurts to actually share it but do it its just your pain no one will ever feel the same as you do but they can actually help you to pick up those broken pieces that may constantly pierce your heart.

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE said To weep is to make less the depth of grief.

so cry out once that the only you will know who all will come to wipe out those tears. who will be there with you after that horrible phase of pain goes.

Love in middle of hate

can you forgive the one person who killed the love of your life????? and even is destroying the life of your sister?
can you fall in love with the one person who swore to destroy you completely….
can you stay with one person whom you could never trust???
can you love the one who think of you as a cheater
can you forgett your first love who love your best friend?
can you expect love from someone who doest know abt your love????
can love happen when the two person hate eachother??????

can you?????

7 people…. connected with love and hate…..
can they find peace and love in middle of all this hate surrounded ….